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To Learn, You Must Be Willing to Grow, to Experience

Kikkii the Klown understands that learning involves new skills and developing new behaviors. After many years of teaching students of all ages, in both outdoor and classroom education, she makes sure that learning is fun and understands that unless participants can relate to the trainer, and are willing to actually apply new information and learn new skills, they will not gain the skills, personal development knowledge or wisdom. Kikkii has a natural rapport with people. It is her strength that she can communicate effectively with all trainees and at all levels. Training workshops with special education and disadvantaged groups have been some of the most successful and rewarding training sessions.

Kikkii works on the premise that the learning process will only succeed if you learn to take risks - learn that you can succeed and learn that you will not fail. Learn to come out of your comfort zone, stick you neck out, know that you can tell the instructor when you're confused or frustrated or disappointed in yourself.

Kikkii makes participants feel good about their development of new skills and that they can do something that they didn't think they could. Juggling is a great leveler and a great skill to learn and it can be achieved by all …

" I have not had a student that could not achieve new skills in my work shop or gain self confidence by learning to juggle or do special tricks. I believe every student achieves something whether it be confidence, a physical skill or just personal development."

Kikkii The Klown

Growth Involves the Entire Learner

If learning is to be more than collecting new information, then Kikkii knows that she must involve herself and the trainee completely in the learning experience. Too many development programs still operate on the "chalk and talk" premise, but Kikkii the Klown's sessions are all practical and trainees develop Emotional Intelligence.

Kikkii the Klown presents the training as either a clown or as a magician depending on the target audience and the skills that are to be achieved.

Workshops are one hour, one and a half hours or a full training plan can be provided.

Each participant receives a certificate of attainment. A four to six week program is recommended for students wishing to learn juggling, face painting and balloon sculpture.

Kikkii The Klown & Tammii Twister's Magic Factory has workshops teaching
Magic, Juggling & Balloon Twisting.

We run sessions during school terms on Mondays, Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays. for children 6 and over.

On school holidays we have day time School Holiday programs.

Private classes are available by appoinment.

We now offer magic workshop parties too, so children and their friends learn magic from our magic instructors at the shop, 239 Waterdale Rd, Ivanhoe.

For more information call during business hours 9499 4706

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