Renowned Entertainer Kikkii The Klown

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"Kikkii is a mature entertainer with initiative. I can appreciate Kikkii's talent and sincere empathy with young children. The children respond spontaneously to her bright personality and sense of humour. Her routine and show is innovative and involves the children's participation." Anne Reeves, Primary School Teacher and Junior School Co-ordinator at Whittlesea Primary School.

Kikkii the Klown has conducted practical sessions in basic juggling for students enrolled in the B.Ap.Sci. (Human Movement) degree at RMIT's Bundoora Campus. Kikkii conducted a series of challenging introductory tasks, which she presented in order of progressive difficulty. Enjoyment resulted not only from the fun/novel nature of the tasks but also from the students confidence in learning new skills". David Jenkin, Course Leader, Human Movement science, RMIT University.
"Kikkii the Klown has performed for our council on numerous occasions. Her act has always been a great hit with audiences' young and old alike. She is professional, entertaining and over the years has developed into a performer with a considerable following. Kikkii is always looking to develop new skills and add extra dimension to her act and she has the dedication and enthusiasm to do great things." Richard Corbet, Leisure Projects Co-ordinator and Cultural Development Coordinator for the City of Whittlesea Council.

Media Clips

"Finding clowns in all of us"
Preston Leader
28 May 2002

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The City Weekly
April 2002

Progress Leader
21 January 2002

"Walking in Rain and Shine"
Around Brimbank

July 2001


"Clown's brush with the Law"
Bayside Advertiser
August 14 2000

French Woods
Festival of the Performing Arts

August 24 1998

Toorak Times

"Students clown around"
Mernda Primary School

"Funny business wins success"
Whittlesea Post

"Kikkii's off on a missions she loves best"



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