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What happens at Birthday Parties?

The show opens with the signature song and popular routine "Kikkii the Klown" professionally composed and mixed music. The performance is enhanced with popular music throughout and the variety and composition of the music is adapted to audiences of all ages.

Kikkii performs a lively juggling routine to music and gets the party moving. Impromptu stories with magic rhyme and riddle occur throughout the party and interaction is welcomed, so the audience becomes a part of the occasion and assist in creating those magical moments that are to be remembered fondly for years to come.

Kids have the oportunity to sing and dance to their favourite music.

A routine can include the addition of Kandii, Kikkii's hypoallergenic dog, a cute loveable Bichon Frise'. White and fluffy she resembles more of a teddy bear than a dog. 

The birthday child receives a special balloon sculpture and each of the guests receive a balloon animal. The balloon animals are are created with their own unique little story to keep the audience captivated.

In the final moments of the performance Kikkii gathers the children to sing Happy Birthday and send her best wishes to the birthday child. This is a great opportunity to bring out the birthday cake and it also presents excellent group photo opportunities.

Kikkii wraps it all up by saying farewell to all the guests and leaving them with a Kikkii The Klown picture!

Face Painting

Face painting is an option for parties booked for an hour and a half or longer. Kikkii can keep the guests dancing and playing whilst face painting or recommends it is a great time to serve the party food.


The party format can be structure to meet individual needs, and Kikkii's experience and inventive ways can be adapted to most environments.

You can book Kikkii the Klown for one hour, one and half hours or two hours in duration. (Face painting can only be included in the one and half or two hour shows due to time constraints.)


For a standard party booking:

1 hour $350

1 1/2 hours $410

2 hours $450

These prices are only for private functions, not public or group events. Travelling charges may apply in some areas.

To request a quote for other events please e-mail or phone 0412969931

"It is the spontaneous reactions and interaction that I love most, the moments of wonder and delight! Big bright eyes accompanied by a lively smile!"

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